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Michael Williams has written four books:

 legend of the red ghost cover

The Legend of the Red Ghost

The Legend of the Red Ghost is inspired by actual events as told by 16-year-old Kip Young.
Kip craves adventure and an escape from the uneventful life in a frontier boom town. Kip’s life is anything but idyllic. His younger brother, Charlie, suffers a congenital heart defect that threatens his life. (read more)



Famous Kids in History

Famous Kids in History


From the author of “Great Kids in History” comes “Famous Kids in History” a collection of true stories of famous kids that have made an impact on history (read more)




Great Kids in History

Great Kids in History is a collection of 22 amazing stories of incredible kids who have accomplished many great feats. Throughout history children have played a significant role in key events (read more)




Stranger than Fiction: The Lincoln Curse

Stranger Than Fiction: The Lincoln Curse is a revised edition consisting of 50 stories that prove, in the words of Mark Twain, sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. (read more)