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Why was this farmer known as the "Host of the Civil War?"

Wilmer Mcclean was a farmer in Virginia. One afternoon, while he was tending his crops, he glanced up at a hillside in front of his home and saw two armies, one Confederate and one Union, preparing for battle. Moments later, the tranquil country-side was rocked by the first battle of the Civil War.
At the conclusion of the battle, Mcclean moved his family up to the more remote part of the state. A place Where he thought he would be far Removed from the war. He moved his family to a place Called Appomattox. Four years later, the war reached him once again. This time his home was used for the surrender of General Lee. Wilmer Mcclean’s homes were used In the first battle of the Civil War and The final surrender. He has become known as “the host of the Civil War.”

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